We will be closed at our Maple Ridge spot for a few weeks due to private bookings and some work getting done on the truck but we will be back in several & can’t wait to see you all then!

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If you are closed now, does that mean that I won’t be able to get my free birthday poutine? Because it only gives you 5 days to use it and my birthday was yesterday. Or will I be able to use it when you have reopened again?
1 year ago
@peepso_user_5519(Lauren) did you get a response on this? I’ve heard of a few others with the same concern.
1 year ago
@peepso_user_1811(lighttech) no I haven’t gotten a response yet
12 months ago
So people who had birthdays while they were closed are screwed and don’t get their free birthday poutine
11 months ago