big reds poutine expansion

We Are Expanding! Interested?

We decided to send this out to all our customers just in case one of you may be interested. Normally companies don't post this stuff to the public but we think this is a benefit to all our customers as we would be expanding our reach and have our food truck available to all of you more often! We are expanding and looking for a partner! Basically at this point we have some expansion ideas but we want someone to run the food truck FULL TIME and be available to our customers more often. This would free us up to grow. We could hire staff to run it full time but I don't think we would get the reliably and attention to detail as we would with a partner/owner. We can discuss options which all depend on what involvement you wish to have in the business as a whole. Whether you are interested in running/owning the food truck part of the business or want to be involved in more future growth... You must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as some other documents before we will discuss anything and you may be required to prove finances before we reach certain points in the conversation. Below are the MUST haves for us to consider you: 1.) Must be able to run the food truck, ensure quality remains to our high standards, great with customers and a hard worker. The food truck/restaurant business is NOT easy and we see... Read more