were hiring

We’re Hiring

We are looking for someone to run the food truck 5 days a week, year round.  You would be responsible for ordering and picking up stock, filling up propane, gas…  Driving the truck to locations, to get maintenance done and managing staff and of course working in the truck.  You would also be required to report anything wrong with the truck and equipment and do day to day customer service.  



  • Food Safe (Easy to get and we would pay if required)

  • Comfortable driving a 25ft long food truck

  • Prefer larger vehicle driving experience

  • MUST have a clean driving record

  • The job does not have set hours as events, catering and any other functions require a flexible schedule but almost always require weekend work.  Some shifts will be as short as 3 hours and some will be as long as 12.  We would handle all the bookings…  You just need to follow the schedule and make sure everything including staff are setup and quality remains HIGH.  Reliability is a MUST as a no show could cost us events…

    We will train you of course and will attend events/street parking with you until such a time as it is not required.  This could be a long term career and position so dedicated people ONLY please. We have been in the business for over 8 years and have a large following and want to maintain this as we grow.

    Pay will be discussed depending on your experience.  It will be a salary position and you share all the tips with the staff.  We don’t keep any of the tips.  The position could lead to ownership of the food truck!  We want to expand and the right person could work their way into ownership!

    If interested and you want a career please send a resume to jamie@bigredspoutine.com (no resume you will not be considered for the position). Also please include what experience you have with driving larger vehicles and food. Neither of these are required for the job but are certainly a plus.

    Jamie Hagon
    Big Reds Poutine